Thursday, November 11, 2004

The Interactice Lecture Concept.

The Interactice Lecture Concept.
Today I am excited.
Very excited!
Tomorrow I'll make my first
Interactive Lecture.

The only thing I need is a projector and a fast line to the internet.
The only thing I bring is myself.
On the internet I have made 1950 web pages to choose from on
And as every image on these pages represents one or several stories my lecture can go on for ever.
In the past I have made a lot of lectures. In schools, in universities, in companies, in associations, in counties, in municipalities - you name it.
I thought the preparations were very time-consuming and boring, and I often did not use the pictures, the slides, the transparents etc. etc. that I had prepared.
Questions and remarks from the audience often altered the whole context of the lecture.
Therefore the interactive lecture.
My contact person has informed me about a theme of the lecture, so I know where to start.
After that it is the dialog with the audience that guides us through the lecture.
If the audience is not very active, I'll guide the audience.
If the lecture moves too far away from the read thread in the theme, I'll make an invisible change of subject.

It's sure demanding to do it this way.
I have to be on the marks.
But it doesn't matter, the quality of the lecture is enhanced enormously and sure I don't do it for free
even if it's superb marketing.
Next time, in the next artblog I'll keep you posted concerning my interactive lectures.

My dream is that the interactive lecture will develop into a real Road show, travelling around from school to school, from university to university, from company to company,
Making a lot of money by lecturing and making a superb marketing for myself and my art works at the same time!!!!

What has happened the last month or so???
I'll briefly tell you what has happened since my last artblog.
A publisher in China wants to publish my fairy tales in Chinese initiated by my Chinese translator Ni Duan.
A French author Alain Joannes has written a chapter in his new book on "Commant communiquer par des images" - in English
that is "How to communicate through pictures" - about me. He praises my painting "soul hurting still" to the skies.
I have started a new Children's book project, the LAURA-project, inspired by the Inuit Circumpolar Culture.
I have painted "diversity", acrylic on canvas, 201 x 139 cm - that is 79.2 x 54.8 inches - to the award winning company of Danish Industry's Initiative Award. Easy Food is the company called - it produces convenience food.
"diversity" is a puzzle inspired by a company using diversity as a management objective and how employees hopefully will relate to this gift.
I have established four new online representations. One in Texas - administered in Bukarest and Jerusalem, one in Cugand, Pays de la Loire, France, one in Milan, Italy and one in Copenhagen.
I have been chosen to "The 10 World Artists Show 2005" as "first cab of the rank". Noosa Galley, Queensland, Australia and Peter Alexanderoff are organizing this event. It is an important event and the Grand Opening takes place on 1 March 2005. We consider to invite Crown Princess Mary to celebrate this Danish/Australian event.

From left to right: "soul hurting still", drafts of Inuit characters, "diversity", the puzzle, and Australian motifs in native art colors.

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